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Coronavirus Pandemic

Caught Inside but Not Isolated
Internet access isn’t always a given, even in Europe, so partners in Albania are working to make sure that everyone has the correct information but also stays encouraged.
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Addressing COVID-19 in India
Even though lockdown measures may be lifting for countries in Europe and America, others are still grappling with the coronavirus. 
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Overcoming COVID in Cuba
Life on this Caribbean island has become anything but paradise since the coronavirus lockdowns began, but locals are bringing heaven to earth as they care for one another.
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Thriving or Striving at Home
Being put into a stressful situation will reveal the core of our relationships faster than anything else, so after this lockdown, what have we found?
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Education About COVID-19 in Pakistan
World Challenge partners are working hard to spread accurate information about the coronavirus and offer an eternal hope to those who are confused and frightened right now.
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Coronavirus in the Middle East
Already hard-hit by economic woes, Lebanon is staggering under the COVID quarantines, so how are World Challenge partners responding?
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